Introducing new blogger: Jean (Ambar) Diaz

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 29th, 2008 in General

The readership of Daughter of the Wind keeps growing. Yesterday it reached the 100,000 clicks milestone.  Sometimes I struggle to keep up with the flow of queries, comments, and new topics for blogging that readers address to me through the website or by way of email. Yet, sometimes I feel that the blog’s focus on pedigrees, strains, and concepts is too narrow, and perhaps a bit too “intellectual”.

In the spirit of broadening the blog’s focus to address general issues of interest to the global Asil Arabian horse community, and reach out to a new generation of Asil Arabian breeders and enthusiasts, I have asked a number of friends to contribute to Daughter of the Wind as regular bloggers. They will bring a new perspective to breeding and understanding Asil Arabians in their native land (Arabia) and in their countries of adoption (the rest of the world). Their ideas will complement the valuable contributions of Joe Ferriss, Joe Achcar, R.J. Cadranell, and other guest-bloggers to come. 

I am glad that Jean (Ambar) Diaz has agreed to be a (more or less) regular blogger on Daughter of the Wind. Ambar acquired her first Asil Arabian, Petit Point CF, in 1999. Since then, she’s completed a BS in Biology, given up breeding and showing Maine Coon Cats, bred five Asil foals, showed one to a Top 3 Pacific Coast Champion Sport Horse in Hand Mare, and taken up gardening with native plants in California


Ambar is also the owner of the glorious Asil Kuhaylan al-Hayf stallion Palisades CF (Plantagenet X Bint Ralf) an absolute favorite of mine, pictured below. 

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  1. Ambar won’t let you get away with “narrow concepts”! What fun!

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