It’s a girl!

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 28th, 2013 in General

I am in Beirut, Lebanon, visiting family for a week. I opened my email with 24 hours delay and found this wonderful piece of news from Kim Davis, who told me that the Kuhaylat al-Krush Cynnabar Myst (ASF David x Mystalla) foaled a filly yesterday at 4.15 pm. Sire is the grand Clarion CF. Pics coming later. I am indebted to Kim for having taking this mare when heavy in foal and foaled her in the best of conditions. Thank you, Kim, you are the best.


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  1. We are all excited! Please enjoy your time at home, and give our very best wishes to your family!

  2. Of course, I am indebted to you and Charles for having overseen her pregnancy for 10 months! Thank you Jeanne and Charles, as always.

  3. Wonderful wonderful news! With all these smart, true, dedicated people participating there are bound to be immense blessings!! So happy!! Congratulations to all!! Edouard really is a filly producer! Lol! Warm wishes to all!!

  4. Best Wishes| wonderful news, a true daughter of the wind!

  5. Her name will be Mayyassah with the suffix Al Arab. “M” because of her grand dam’s Mystalla’s name, and Mayyassah because of the long legs in the first photo shot Kim sent me yesterday.

    Mayyassah is a name/adjective given to girls/women/female creatures such as mares and she-camels who sway when they walk. It is a nice feature often associated with long legs. Mayyassah comes from the original root Mayss which means wabbling, swaying, swinging, etc. Mayss then became the name of a shrub whose branches were so flexible that they waved and swayed.

  6. WELCOME MAYYASSAH! So excited to hear of this successful preservation breeding! Congratulations!

  7. Welcome Mayyassah al Arab! Can’t wait to see pictures. A very good year for fillies!

  8. what wonderful news!!! Congratulations Edouard. This is the future of Arabian breeding that must be valued, and it is a classic preservation in the hands of the finest caretakers, assistants and owners.

    Wishing you the best.

  9. What blessed, joyful news! Congratulations on the birth of Mayyassah Al Arab!

    Thank you for your interesting, detailed explaination of the new filly’s name, Edouard. Due to the background information you provided, I feel an enhanced appeciation of the name Mayyassah as poetically descriptive of the filly in both sound and in meaning.

    The graceful way of moving you describe is reminiscent of the way people of New Orleans refer of a graceful, long-legged woman sashaying down the banquet. What a pleasing picture in the mind’s eye.

    I feel much appreciation for all of you who are doing so much to preserve the Al Khamsa desert arabians with such loving care, with wisdom and with much dedication. It is a wonderful cooperative mission to behold! I wish you all an abundance of success.

  10. Thank you for your kind words. I have no further news of the Jadiba daughters beyond what we spoke about. I will keep trying to reach the owners of these pet shops and will keep you posted.

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