Ivey Al Krushah, 1989 Kuhaylat al-Krush in the USA

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 11th, 2012 in General

My kind of mare. By Sportin Life out of Sarra Al Krushah by Asar Al Krush. Davenport lines. She reminds of Qadheefah, a bay Ubayyah Suhayliyah from the stud of Mustapha Jabri outside Aleppo.  Note the high withers, the deep girth, the hocks well let out, and the long ears. As long as there are still mares like that 100 years after Davenport’s importation from Syria to the USA, then there is hope for this breed.




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  1. She reminds me a bit of Tyranah (Tybalt x Dharanah). She would be my kind of mare too.

  2. What’s a nice mare but what’s a pity that she is not put to a syrian stallion like Mokhtar for breeding!

  3. No pity! There!

    The mare if were mine would be bred to a Krush Stallion. Line bred and a foal worthy of celebration. Arm chair breeders
    need to realize what is, foals
    are rare now of the Krush. Am sure there are many ways to any breeding’s.

    I disagree, Jackson Hensley /
    Bedouin Arabians

  4. Mokhtar is a Krush..

  5. yes, I know. But is he of the same tail female? ( what does DNA say?) Personally I would still breed to a Davenport Krush. There are just to few
    Of the Davenports and I prefer to line breed to same.

    I know others disagree…………

    JMH/Bedouin Arabians

  6. I guess the real question for me,is, would I retain the foal of such a breeding and use in my own breeding program. The answer is simply no, Male or Female.

  7. Why not?

  8. Edouard,

    Because it would offer nothing, as far as I am concern, and take away from what now is.

    Question; a better foal? Why because it offers something new?
    How can better be described? As different?

    What was Bedouin bred, and part of the Davenport Group, still holds the same truth. I simply chose not to change. Would this type of breeding produce what?
    Certain I am only change, neither better or worse! Just different!

    I personally do not wish change, but,only to line breed what is now; hoping to insure what is already a source to a time and place once found by Davenport.

    I am sure many would disagree, yet, I am fixed in my ways of these horses and the many years
    that I have lived and been a part of this heritage.

    I am certain that quality would not be a factor. Only changing what was gifted I.

    Jackson / Bedouin Arabians

  9. Ivey al Krushah lived with me for many years and now lives with Ricki Conrad, down the road. She had four colts. Two for me and two for Ricki. All but one are now gelded. She is unable to carry any more foals, sadly.

    We call her Sarra (her dam’s name) and she is one of the most beautiful horses ever (not that I am biased, of course) and has incredible conformation.

    Wilde Ivey Amir, her first colt by Gladstone, lived with Pamela Klien and produced 4 fillies. Through the bad luck of life, only one will probably produce on. She is not a straight Davenport but a lovely filly. She will be four this summer and she lives with me.

    DWA Moonstone (Sage) is a gorgeous, black colt who will be at stud this year from what Ricki has told me. He is handsome and a lovely mover.

    All of us with Sarra in our lives so wanted a filly and I suppose it wasn’t to be. Ironically, Amir had four fillies, with only two surviving and probably one producing. What a sad fact that not everything we plan for over time will actually happen.

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