Jadah Selma

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 20th, 2012 in General

Bassam Hawarneh just informed me that the 2002 Hamdani Simri mare Jadah Selma (Paul Maud Dib x LR Jane by Maxxum CF), one of the last asil tail female descendants of the Blunt/Ali Pasha Sherif mare Sobha (Wazir x Selma) is now a riding horse in Alpharetta, GA. She is next on the Preservation Task Force’s agenda.

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  1. She lives happily at her owner’s Jennah Malik in Georgia. She is a riding horse but her Jennah would consider breeding her at some point. I told her we (the Al Khamsa Preservation Task Force) would help.

  2. hello, Jeddah selma having straight filly’s?

  3. Dear Edouard,
    have you any fotos from Jadah Selma,
    what you can share with us?

    Best wishes,

  4. This is from two years ago:

  5. Thank you Edouard,
    I have not seen this picture.

    Congratulation and good luck to the owner.
    I hope this precious mare will giving many foals to our small community.

    Best wishes,

  6. Laszlo, he does not want to breed her, and wants to sell but for a high price. She is now a riding horse.

  7. Not good news, Edouard,
    i’m very disillusioned.

    I wish to collect the remaining exemplars, but i’m afraid, the last asil mare of the Sobha-line in Europe is my old Saraly.
    Sorry, but from my opinion the “big water” between us makes more problems.Very sorry, but because the long distance i’m not able to import Jadah Selma.
    I hope an AK breeder can make a deal with the owner.
    Try to change for another riding horse!

    Best wishes,

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