Jadah Sharuuq, 1995 black Kuhaylan al-‘Ajuz stallion

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 23rd, 2012 in Saudi

Jeanne Craver sent me this photo of the black Kuhaylan al-‘Ajuz stallion Jadah Sharuuq (Lifes Capade LD x Belladonna CHF by Audobon), a Sharp (no Blunt/Crabbet blood) stallion bred by Randall and Mary Sue Harris of Peoria, IL, from lines from Carol Lyons. This rare and precious stallion is just five generations removed from the 1925 desert bred Saudi mare *Nufoud, in the dam line. He combines in my opinion, the best of American asil Arabian bloodlines: the Davenports, the Saudi Arabian imports of Albert Harris, the blood of *Turfa up close, and the Egyptian lines of H.H. Prince Mohammed Ali (*Fadl and *HH … Hamida).

Jeanne had already sent me a photo of his beautiful dam Belladonna CHF — click here.




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  1. Handsome. Would love to see more pictures of the horses in this boys pedigree, esp. the Sunny Acres breeding.

  2. opps, sorry the sunny acres breeding is from his offspring not him.

  3. now he looks like a good choice for the mare CW Danielle http://roster.alkhamsa.org/pedigrees/C/CW_Danelle09503.HTML to continue the non-Blunt/Crabbet another generation.

  4. plans are being made by Carrie Slayton to breed him to AAB Shahmonix..another sharp

  5. Maybe the Harris’ would like to send Jadah Sharuuq to the west coast for a “vacation” to visit with some new girlfriends (such as CW Danelle).

  6. He has a good brother too, Jadah Abu Nufoud, and there is another good Sharp stallion there from excellent old bloodlines (same as CW Danelle): Jadah Echos Amir.

  7. Jadah Echo Amir and CW Danelle, that would be nice!

  8. So were Fadl and Hallany Mistany both non Blunt? Good to know..Hmm.
    Bruce Peek

  9. Excellent plans! Wishing you success…

  10. non-Blunt [i.e. non-Blunt DB] horses that are straight Egyptian (as found in North American horses) include:
    Bint Saada
    HH Mohamed Alis Hamida
    HH Mohamed Alis Hamama
    Ibn Hafiza
    Serenity Bint Nadia

  11. …basically some Inshass desert stock plus Prince Mohammed Ali’s stud which was mainly based on Bint Yemama, sister of the Blunt’s foundation sire Mesaoud, whose only found today in combination with the desert bred Blunt horses.

  12. Thanks Joe! A good quick reference!

  13. Oh, and thank you Jenny for the good wishes!

  14. I’m posting this information in this thread too, in case it’s a better fit.

    *disclaimer – this is NOT my horse!*

    October 30th, 2012 9:39 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Readers may be able to help Jadah Kerasun (again?).


    I have a blind Bedouin Arab mare named Jadah, 13 years. She is black. Her name is Jadah Kerasun. If you Google her name you will find several entries about how rare her bloodlines are. She is registered and I have her papers. She should be bred by someone with the desire to spend the time with her desensitizing. She lost her sight in two separate accidents and is not aggressive, but reactive and spooky. There are only 4 mares in the world left alive with her bloodlines tracing back to the mare, Samirah, bred by the king of Saudi Arabia in the 1800?s. Her mother, sister and niece are the other three. She comes with her “seeing eye” filly, a comatose starvation case that I saved who is completely back to normal, but will be small…she looks like an arab cross. bella has a hernia I didn’t plan on correcting since her job is babysitting Jadah.

  15. oh, man.. Here we go again! I thought this one was in safe hands..

  16. The Craigslist ad for Jadah Kerasun is still up and I’ve taken the liberty of posting this sentence from it – perhaps she isn’t in danger of losing her home forever, but for those who want to preserve her bloodlines it may be worth reaching out. I’m on the East Coast and sadly, I’m in no position to take on another horse. Although I have owned a blind horse for years and she was a fine riding mare.

    “I have several horses I would like to re-home as I have gotten out of the rescue biz due to burnout.”

  17. Sam, I have been in touch with her owner, and we are looking at option together. Can you do something about her if somehow the AK preservation task force was to haul the mare to you?

  18. Gee, I hate to change the subject off Jadah Kerasun, as I have a special interest in her as well but I have an announcement regarding Jadah Sharuuq.

    AAB Shahmonix will be traveling to visit J. Sharuuq on November 6th. Everyone pray to the horse breeding gods that she cycles this late in the year!

  19. Here’s to that, and for a resulting filly!

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