Jadiba: it’s a boy

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 14th, 2012 in General

Friday July 13, Jadiba delivered a chestnut colt by Vice Regent CF, while I was in the Nile delta area visiting the Tahawis. She is doing well, and so is the foal. I am told he has a large blaze and two diagonal white socks and a hot temper.

I am happy all went well, yet I can’t help whining: given her age (24 years this summer) and her importance to my preservation program of Old American lines (she is basically of Doyle and Davenport lines and tail female to *Wadduda), I was really hoping for a filly. I don’t have photos yet, but I will get some soon.

While I was complaining, I also found a name for the colt, in keeping with the J letter: he will be named Jamr. Jamr means ember(s) in Arabic, and, other than being a really old Arabic word, I think it’s fitting for a chestnut colt full of fire. I especially like the Wikipedia definition of it: “An ember is a glowing, hot coal made of greatly heated wood, coal, or other carbon-based material that remain after, or sometimes precede a fire. Embers can glow very hot, sometimes as hot as the fire which created them.”


11 Responses to “Jadiba: it’s a boy”

  1. Perfect!

  2. Congratulations! Very good choice for the name. Next year you may have Jamra 🙂

  3. Jamra is a good name for the next year. I like your preservation program of Old American lines.

  4. Congratulations,

    Jamr is a perfect choice for the name!
    I hope that the boy and his mother are well, that’s the most important.

  5. thank you 🙂
    du baume au coeur..

  6. congratulations. This is good news regardless of gender because it preserves the specific blood of Jadiba. 24 years is not always too old. My Sirbana had a filly at age 26. If your future filly has the fire of her brother she will be able to outrun all spears!

  7. thank you Joe. You more than others, would know how precious Jadiba is, since it’s your article on Bint Malakah in the Khamsat that led me to her..

  8. Having gotten her back in production, next year’s filly should be easier. 😀

  9. As a owner of Vice Regents first foal, a chestnut colt with a blaze & 4 white stocking, congrats, I too, wanted a filly, but dearly love my colt Laarado TBA, can’t wait for pic’s of Jamr.

  10. I feel with you,Edouard.
    I wished a filly too (for the second time) out of my old Farag II.daughter, Soraya B,but she gave life for a colt again!
    The most important,both, the mare and foal are healthy.
    Jamr.Hm.A good name,I think too.

    Best wishes,

  11. I think that Jamr is an ideal name for this son of Jadiba!

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