Jadiba, welcome

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 7th, 2011 in USA

You may be wondering what’s with the recent flareup of blog entries on *Wadduda and some of the Doyle horses… Well, there’s a reason.

As of this morning, I am the proud owner (I still can’t believe it actually) of Jadiba (Dib x Jabinta, by Jadib) a 23 year old chestnut Saqlawiyat al-‘Abd tracing in tail female to *Wadduda. A dream come true. I haven’t been excited like this in years, and it’s all the more remarkable given the troubling turn things are taking all over the Middle East these days (Salih of Yemen is out, by the way, so that’s one more tyrant down).

As a youngster, Jadiba was among the horses on Joyce Gregorian Hamsphire’s Upland Farm, then went missing for several years, before re-surfacing in the ownership of Annette Pattishall in Pennsylvania, who had not been breeding her. That’s where she was “rediscovered” a couple years ago by Monica Respet. Monica played a major role in facilitating the purchase of Jadiba and I will be eternally grateful to her for making it happen, and for her friendship. I am also grateful to Joe Ferriss, whose Khamsat article about Jadiba’s granddam Bint Malakah and other critically endangered lines first made me aware of her value to the breed.

Couple pedigree notes, before I start annoying you with photos of the mare.. Pedigree goes a long way in explaining why I would go through the trouble of acquiring a 23 year old mare that hasn’t had a foal in at least 12 years.

So Jadiba’s sire Dib, her maternal grandire Jadib, and her maternal great grandsire Subani are all Saqlawi Jadran ibn Sudan of Doyle/Blunt/Old Crabbet breeding. They all trace to three horses only: Gulida, Ghadaf and Nusi. So Jadiba is 87.5% old Crabbet.

Her maternal great-granddam Malakah (Arafat x Zoe, by Ameer Ali out of Serije, by Letan out of Sedjur, by *Hamrah out of Aared by *Obeyran out of *Wadduda) is from the old breeding program of Fred Glass in Oklahoma. Malaka traces to the three oldest groups of bloodlines in the USA: those from Davenport’s importation in 1906, those of the Hamidie importation of 1893, and those of Randolph Huntington, the oldest of all.

Labels wise, Jadiba is one of the very few mares who are both Al Khamsa and CMK (Crabbet-Maynesboro-Kellogg), other than the Davenports and the Doyle Arabians. She is also Early American Foundation (ie, all her ancestors were in the USA by the time Volume V of the AHA was published).

Bottom line: she is asil and she belongs to the most prestigious family in American Arabian breeding, that of Antez, Hanad, Fasal, Mustakim, Moliah, Jadaan, Tabab, Mahomet, Ybarra, Sedjur, Monica, Bint Sedjur, Bint Sahara, Fersara, Ferzon, Fadjur, Moneyna, Ferneyn, Moneyn, The Real McCoy, Scheraff, Woengran, Garaff, Rafden, Gazon, Khemosabi, etc., etc.

She is now boarded at Sue Moss in Pennsylvania, and I still haven’t decided who to first breed her to, but he will have to be a Davenport and high percentage *Wadduda. Will explain why in a later post.

20 Responses to “Jadiba, welcome”

  1. congratulations

  2. For shame, where are the pics?!?!

  3. Actually, what I said was smiley-face, but it did not come through! So, Grin!

  4. Congrats on the treasure you have found! I look forward to photos!

  5. Photos!

  6. If I get such oportunity, I will find straigh away a fertile stallion even if it is not a Davenport one in order to secure the lineage of such mare. A lot of friends of me tried to find the best stallion, waste time and after all, their beautiful mares was not fertile anymore.

  7. Good luck and congratulations!

  8. How wonderful Edouard! And have I got a stallion for you, only 5 or 6 hours away…but you already know that….

  9. I bet you do!

  10. Charles and Jeanne have Regency, 19.5. Mary Gills has Crimson who is 19.4. No one has ever been a bigger supporter then Charles of the Doyle Horses. Another line to Wadduda saved? Hopefully!

    Glad to awake to such interesting thoughts.


  11. Be encouraged Edouard I have a 2 year old filly that is tail female to Randolph Huntingdons Naomi. Her mother was 24 when she was born and hadn’t had a foal in 19 years. Tim

  12. Hello Edouard,
    after looking at the photos and the pedigree I believe You made a good decision. My Safeen would be a perfect stallion from his type, conformation and pedigree (inbred to Shahloul and Hamdan, tail female Bint Serra, Saqlawi Jedran Ibn Sudan) but not accessable to You and You want to go back to the Davenports. As so many Davenport mares we have seen on Your blog recently have such a striking similarity to my Safeen, especially the Reshan types of the Kuhaylan Haifi strain, so I am sure You will find the right stallion for Your mare.
    As a vet I recommend to treat her postbreeding with antibiotics and get her on Regumate. Good luck!

  13. Thank you Matthias, for the advice, as always.

  14. Hello!

    I understand very well your exitement!
    Now you have a fine job to find a stallion and hope for fertility,and what they can produce.That is a nice period of time. My best whishes!!!

  15. Thank you to all for your nice words. I am blessed to have readers and friends like you: Tim, Gerd, Jackson, Jerry, Tamara, Robin, Matthias, Patrick, Pam, Jeanne, Arnault, in no order.

  16. Many many congratulations Edouard — I know she must be a treasure among treasures. I knew Dib when he was at Teddy Lancaster’s, and Mom owned Jabinta for a brief time. Jabinta I remember as being such a war mare (and a tall, bodied out one at that!) To me Jabinta was nearly divine. My prayers for a replacement and that this line goes on: if you listen you’ll hear me cheering from wherever you are….

  17. Wow Jill now that is a small world do you happen to have pocs of jabinta? If yes do share!

  18. Fred Akin Glass, MD, was my Dad’s uncle. Any pics to share of Fred or Mary Glass?

  19. You may want to talk to Robert J. Cadranell Jr. who knows Dr. Glass’ program best.

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