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  1. Jadiba looks like she’s not enjoying the rain too much but I love her classy head, deep Jowl, low eye…lovely.
    I’m sure little Jamr would love a foal slip of his very own !.. he looks like he’s dressing up in his dad’s hat!!
    While I’m here two unrelated questions.. to anyone …
    Did anyone else get to see the exhibition at the British museum ‘The horse from Arabia to Royal Ascot’ ?
    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the rock inscriptions in Saudi, the Abbas Pasha Manuscript and the truly beautiful illustrations in Lady Blunt’s diary…(my admiration for this lady knows few bounds) as well as some wonderful horse related artifacts from the last 3,000 years

    Also please has anyone any information on how well the Davenport horses are doing at high level endurance in the USA? the more I see of these horses, the more I like them, I must admit however, I am a Crabbet admirer but occasionally wonder if there are any Asil Davenport/Blunt breeding programmes… the idea of importing a colt bubbles up in my head from time to time…(stop it Lisa, stop it!!)

  2. Edouard could u please call me and give me Sues #, I would love to go visit and see hers and your horses. My # is 717 866 8649 or u can e-mail me at gtim75@yahoo,com. thanks T

  3. sorry I missed your message Tim, but it looks you already found your way to Sue’s and sent me nice pictures from there.

  4. I counted 104 crosses to Mesaoud and 76 crosses to Rodania in Jadiba.

  5. Jadiba’s son Jamr has 7 crosses to Hanad and 15 crosses to Letan. Just so I don’t forget.

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