Jadiba’s dam, Jabinta

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 8th, 2011 in General

This is a photo of Jadiba’s dam, Jabinta (Jadib x Bint Malakah by Subani), also courtesy of Jeanne Craver. As you can see, she has none of her daughter’s conformational defects: longer neck (or is it picture?), shorter back, longer ears. I like this mare better than I do her daughter.

3 Responses to “Jadiba’s dam, Jabinta”

  1. I like the daughter better! Besides she is the only one of the two available!

  2. ha ha Jackson, very true!
    I wouldn’t like to comment on length or set of neck when a horse is photographed in this stupid pose!
    I really hope that you get your filly Edouard, goes without saying a really good repro vet can make a huge difference to your chances. I will look up her pedigree, it is interesting to me that you have a horse with such a high % Crabbet without Sk&^*%£$£”k, there can’t be many?

  3. Love your site – just discovered it! Great info regarding the desert arabians! Enjoying reading up about Wadduda, my stallion’s damline via Sahanad and saw this pic of Jabinta. Cannot believe the resemblance to my stallion Jorden! He is asil, AK and BL. Will have to check out her daughter you acquired also – Congratulations! Did you get a foal from her yet?

    PS: you can see pics of my stallion and mare on my facebook page!

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