Jadiba’s whereabouts

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 23rd, 2012 in General

I wrote this entry mostly for myself, for the record:

I was finally able to retrace the whereabouts of my mare Jadiba from the time she was born until she ended up in my ownership, thanks to information from Shirin Samiljan, Charlotte Newell, Carrie Slayton, Pam Studebaker and Jill Erisman.

— She is registered as having been bred by Wayne and Rosa Cunningham of Colorado, in July 1987; they were the owners of her dam at the time of breeding;

— Her breeders must have either leased or somehow given her pregnant dam to Teddy Lancaster of Ohio (who was the owner of her sire Dib at that time), or sold Jadiba to Teddy at birth; she is registered as owned by Teddy Lancaster at the time of her birth on June 28, 1988;

— In Nov. 1988, she was sold as a weanling to the late Joyce Gregorian, who was looking for a mate for her stallion Ibn Tirf; they were of similar bloodlines.

— Upon the passing away of Joyce in 1991, her estate gave Jadiba and Ibn Tirf to Patty Andrews-Moore of Rhode Island, who never registered her in her ownership;

— When she ran into some difficulties, Mrs. Andrews-Moore gave Jadiba [when?] for back board to Annette Pattishall of Pennsylvania; Annette said Jadiba had given birth to twins while in the ownership of Mrs. Andrews-Moore; these were never registered and their fate is not known;

— Annette registered her in her name as of 1999, and never bred a foal from her, until Monica Respet told me about Jadiba and I purchased for in June 2011.

There are still some gaps to fill in her trajectory but perhaps I will know more soon.

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  1. Patty A. Andrews (AERC#:11221)


  2. http://www.centerlinescores.com/Rider/Details/3670#filterBy=horses

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  4. from Datasource

    2552 TEN ROD RD
    EXETER, RI 02822 US

    bred on Half Arab by Ibn Tirf

  5. I do understand your curiosity about Jadiba’s route to your hands, Edouard. The most important thing is that she is with you now and being appreciated and preserved for her uniqueness within Al Khamsa breeding.

  6. I counted 104 crosses to Mesaoud and 76 crosses to Rodania in Jadiba’s pedigree.

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