Jalaa’, Ubayyan Sharrak stallion from Syria, at Jabri stud

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 4th, 2011 in Syria

This is Jalaa’, a young chestnut ‘Ubayyan Sharrak stallion at the Jabri stud farm in Aleppo. Jalaa is a ‘Ubayyan Sharrak of the marbat of Ibn Duwayhiss of the ‘Anazah. Thanks to Arnault for posting his pedigree on allbreedpedigree.com. Photo by G. Waiditschka.

He is by the Shabareq-bred Ma’naghi Sbayli stallion Tadmor (Al-Aawar x Holwah) out of the Jabri-bred mare Shareefah (Ihsan x Dalahem by Mahrous out of Nawal).

Al-Aawar was featured here; Holwah here; Ihsan here; Mahrous here and Nawal here, all on this blog.

Here is a full shot, also by by G. Waiditschka.

10 Responses to “Jalaa’, Ubayyan Sharrak stallion from Syria, at Jabri stud”

  1. This photo sets off my bells!

  2. Son of the very good stallion Tadmor. Tadmor for which I am remembering his nice progenies and his light galop, in despite of the bad ground, around al Jabry farm.

  3. can you put his pedigree on allbreed Arnault?

  4. Wow!

  5. This is a really really good horse from a really good strain

  6. Lovely looking horse, but I hate to comment on a horse having only seen his head…any other photos please??
    I love the sound of his father’s action Arnault, it always amazes me the way arab horses can float over the roughest ground… fabulous riding horses that they are.

  7. Here you are, Edouard. http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/jalaa

  8. Thankyou Edouard, lovely 🙂
    BTW are there facilities for freezing semen to export standards in Syria?

  9. I was surprised at the pedigree, in as much as within 2 generations some horses were identified by strain only…there must be a lot of horses who could be described as Keheilan Krush or Keheilan al Wati, this would obviously not be sufficient to identify a particular horse.
    I had supposed that with the Blunt horses for example,
    when it came to this,in the case of Queen of Sheba, Rodania etc the Blunts learned of the strain but gave the horses their new names and the dislocation from the pedigree happened at that point.
    These horses are though, I assume,from an unbroken breeding line in Syria, though obviously they will have changed hands. A strain name, as Edouard has indicated may mean a lot or very little as they are subject to change and even the same horse may be refered to by different strain names. Further, the strain may only inform of one line in the pedigree (usually tail female?)so what information is there regarding all the make up of the pedigree of Nadya’s mother for example? I appreciate that traditionally this information would have been transmitted orally. Sorry I am not expressing myself very well here but, for example would a Bedouin or Stud buy a mare knowing only her strain (obviously with absolute confidence in the seller that the mare is Asil, I am not trying to cast doubt in that respect) and nothing more of her pedigree?
    If so then fair enough, though obviously this is very different to the situation today and for the last few hundred years in the West.
    If not, then where is the full information of these horses’ pedigrees?
    I really hope this query does not sound impertinent as I am just genuinely interested to know.

    PS…and absolutely off the subject but I found a thread from a while ago regarding some Courthouse bred horses, I have recently used a stallion by Spearmint, Spearmint himself is available, though very old,by frozen semen. He
    is by Shammar who is out of Somra (tail female Siwa),and
    out of Sappho.Shammar’s sire is Champurrado who has crosses to Skowronek so I realise that this counts him out for many of you but I thought there may be some who are
    interested in these bloodlines…
    The same thread concerned a lady in Cardiff… if anyone is still looking for this contact please let me know, I could try to help.

  10. Sorry Tina, I did not took time to put breeders of horses or of strains-owing breeder’s tribes, but I will do and be ensured that all entrance of horses in the syrian studbook have been done with hudges (I have myself those hudges for stallions, I have in my farm, I could show you) and in front of commission of preservationnistes and tribes like Enezah, Shammar, Igaidat, Jboor.

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