Jamr now a yearling

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on November 23rd, 2013 in General

Jamr (Vice Regent x Jadiba) is growing up nicely, and really looks like his pedigree, a mix of the old Blunt/Doyle look — you can’t beat the classiness of that — and the Davenport/Schilla look.

He has his dam’s very deep jaws, and his sire’s pointy ears. His dam’s ears were understated. His eye is bigger than his dam’s, which is the legacy of the extra Davenport blood. The triangular head is the result of a finer muzzle than his dam’s and of the depth of his jaw, like in that Sherifa head study by Lady Anne Blunt. Note also the bone structure at the base of the ear and juncture of the ear and the jaw.

No prominent dish, or only a very slight one, just the way I like it and the way I think it should be.

Thanks to Monica Respet for this photo.



4 Responses to “Jamr now a yearling”

  1. What this photo doesn’t emphasize is the good width between Jamr’s eyes, and his bright, engaging personality.

  2. Well said Jenny! I too found him very engaging.

  3. He is my future herd sire, that’s for sure. I am very pleased with him. I wish his croup was straighter though, but that’s not too big of a deal.

  4. He has nice face, neck and a sloping shoulder. Would like to see the rest of him.

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