Janub Al Krush progeny

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on November 10th, 2011 in General

Some of you asked for photos of progeny ofthe superb Kuhaylan al-Krush stallion Janub al-Krush (Pompey x June), who was bred by Jackson Hensley from Davenport lines.

Kim Davis kindly sent me these photos of his 1994 daughter Januba al-Krush (out of Tika Al Krush by Krushan Al Krush).

3 Responses to “Janub Al Krush progeny”

  1. Thank You! I like her very much!


  2. Such a beautiful eyes.

  3. Most of the Krush I had, had those eyes. Millie Grow once said I would out Abbas Pasha in breeding with the Krush.

    I knew the compliment was just her saying she like the results I was getting. The Bedouin horse is just as it is,
    differing as to the breeding’s. Type is not quality in the Asil, only difference.

    What has happen to the Krush, differing breeding’s, differing results. Like the other groups of Davenports,
    results vary as to color, and breeding’s.

    That wonderful moment of new birth, seeing and listening to different thinking.

    Pompey was a fun horse, I know he made Nancy Mallon very happy, and she him.


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