Jasir, 1925, a photo I had not seen before

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 12th, 2015 in Egypt

It was taken by Ursula Guttman (thanks Betty Finke for the credit), and features the 1925 Saqlawi Jadran son of Mabrouk Manial out of Negma that was sent from Egypt to Germany’s Weil stud.

What tail carriage this line has.

6 Responses to “Jasir, 1925, a photo I had not seen before”

  1. So, this horse would have been a full brother to Mahroussa?

  2. yes

  3. Yes, Jasir was a full brother to Mahroussa. He was an important sire for Weil and for Marbach, siring an entire generation of broodmares. Most importantly, he sired Jatta, the only asil progenitor of the Murana I DB family.
    The photograph was taken by Ursula Guttmann. She took many photos of him, but this is the best one (well, in my opinion, anyway!).

  4. very powerful looking horse….

  5. Frank Hannesschlager told me that when he was a young man in Germany he saw Jasir.

  6. I find it remarkable that in this photo Jasir reminds me of the Babson stallion Faaris whose maternal granddam is Mahroussa.

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