Juans Aana, 1990 Ma’naqiyah Sbayliyah mare, yesterday

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 21st, 2015 in General

This is the latest  mare to join my herd, along with her 15 year-old daughter who is also black (not that it matters). Juans Aana (El Reata Juan x Suuds Juli Aana by PRI Saqlawi Suud) is a Ma’naqiyah Sbayliyah, going back in tail female to Haidee imported by Major Roger Upton from the Gomussah Bedouin tribe of North Arabia in 1874. The mare is 25 years old, so don’t mind the sway back at her venerable age. That’s how the Gulastra sire line horses age, including the great Gulastra himself.

A great-great-grand-daughter of Gulastra in the sire line with three additional crosses to him in the pedigree (and also to *Aziza, *Roda, *Zarife, *Fadl, etc). Her eyes are huge, and I love the prominent facial bones, the sloping shoulders, the clear legs and the long neck. I have high hopes to get this mare in foal to one of my stallions before it is too late.

Juans Aana

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  1. She looks good. Are you going to breed her, or retire her?

  2. She has one functioning ovary, so I will try. She is now in the same pasture as Wadd.

  3. What a nice tribute to the breeder of this mare, as well as, of W.R. Brown’s legacy in the creation of Gulastra. Good luck & great find, Edouard!

  4. I think Wadd is a good choice. Good luck!

  5. What a stunning mare !!!
    Good luck with getting her in foal
    I had a mare yrs ago,that I tried to get in foal for 10 yrs, on Mothers Day 1999, at 28 yrs of age …. she gave me a filly, by my Davenport stallion Alaadri.
    so …. never give up

  6. Congrats on your new mares! Love this picture of your senior lady, and many prayers that you can get a foal from her.

  7. OMG! Send her to us in AR–I’m sure RB Bellagio would be very happy to meet her!

  8. Actually, as much as would love to have her, it’s better to breed her to a stallion with a definitely known fertility, since RB is 28, the last time he was bred was in 2013, and the mare took.

  9. It’s so odd that I happened to visit at this time. I don’t pretend to be a breeder or knowledgeable, but I have Janet’s mare WLR Ebony Delight, who is tail female to Urfah through Sheria and her daughter by El Mareekh I, Massaret Mareekh SAH. From an earlier set of posts I thought this might be of interest to others and was tuning in for that reason.

    Delight is tough as nails and no one, Delight most of all, would ever imagine she is now twenty one.

    It is wonderful to see that these equine friends have found a good home where they will be appreciated. I met them all when I purchased Delight’s gelded son, WLR Cloud Dancing, whom I still have as well. His historical background was so fascinating, that I spent many, many hours researching his entire pedigree. (I was so happy to find the photos of El Reata Juan and Hector Carmona here.)

    I am so glad and grateful that people like you are preserving these horses. Thank you!

  10. I think this is one of the best female lines in America today. I will try to breed away from the black stuff to attempt to get back to the original characteristics of the line.

  11. I agree about the black color thing-but that very reason is why some very valuable and precious breeding has made it into the future-now. some very nice breeding has been saved by those who cared so much for this color and unwittingly saved other color and feature breeding riding “piggy-back” on those black horse pedigrees. i always search carefully any black horse looking for those “piggy-backed” lines with the black horses.

  12. and that line is certainly one of them..

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