Kamil Ibn Sahanad, asil Saqlawi al-‘Abd stallion in the USA

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 24th, 2012 in General

The 1976 stallion Kamil Ibn Sahanad (Kamil ibn Salan x Sahanad by Abu Hanad), pictured below at the ripe old age of 25, was the last direct tail female descendant of entirely Davenport bloodlines of the desert-bred Saqlawiyat al-‘Abd mare *Wadduda, imported by Homer Davenport to the USA in 1906. He was a son of the beautiful black mare Sahanad, often mentioned on this blog. She has other sons and daughters, including the stallion Black Lightning (Khemahr Moniet x Sahanad) who I think is still alive. His blood represents an out-cross to current Davenport lines, and the one descendant of his I saw, the 1998 mare JEN Beauty A Saha (Sergeant Major CF x Sida Saha by Kamil Ibn Sahanad), now boarded at Craver Farms, is significantly different from other Davenport horses I have seen.

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  1. Looks great in the photo!

    Sahanad, Wadduda, is one of the greatest losses to the Davenports! I can not think of a more important mare line lost! Perhaps, others would argue, but I have my own opinion. The possibilities gone! Some how ‘we all lost sight of what we once had!

    Hopefully no more losses! Yet, who could be as important as the great war mare, Wadduda? Thank goodness for the tail females left in Al Khamsa, and those who breed this mare line on! Be nice if the Stallions of Davenport could
    return to these breeding’s. Maybe Monologue?

    JMH / Bedouin Arabians

  2. Can one possible think of Tripoli and Sahanad? All filly foals! Yet, no one person could do everything, I know Charles tried to do it all, and with even Fred’s trying, it just did not evolve. Sad, sad, sad, sad / JMH

  3. You mean Fred and Charles tried crossing Tripoli and Sahanad?

  4. So I’m not sure I understand.. Does this mean that Wadduda has no more tail female mares available nowadays? If true that would be awful! In the photo above the sun plays acxross his hip nicely emphasizing its length. This all underlines the importance of your ideas about getting these rare stallion line frozen Edouard.
    Best wishes
    bruce Peek

  5. Bruce, of course she does, but not in the straight Davenports. There is strong tail female line line through Sahanad (Abu Hanad x Sahabet by Harara x Jadur by Jadaan x Sedjur) with about 10 new foals a years, but it has Egyptian (*Adhem) lines. There is also a very thin tail female line through Malakah (Arafat x Zoe by Ameer Ali x Serije by Letan x Sedjur) with Hart Asheera (25 years old) at Megan Detweiler’s, and Jadiba with me, plus a couple possible other mars, unlocated. There might be a couple mares left through Mabruk and Saanadi, but there are also unlocated as of yet.

  6. no, Fred bred her to his stallion. Just a thought, how great it would have been! If Tripoli had been the sire with a lot of filly foals. Wishful thinking!

    Charles did so many things, I guess he just could not do it all! And those of us that followed, just did not realize what was needed. JMH

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