Keene Richards’ Arabian horse importation to the USA

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 14th, 2008 in General

This little known importation is the earliest ever made to the United States.  Between 1851 and 1856, Keene Richards took two trips to the Arabian desert, visiting virtually every region of North Africa and the Middle East. He came back with several horses, of which the stallions Massoud, Faysul, Mokhladi (no doubt a Mukhallad, the same rare strain as the French desert import Merjane) and Sacklowie. He left an account of his travels, edited by Thornton Chard, who also wrote this article about the importation. Sadly, the US Civil War broke out and completely destroyed what were extremely promising seeds of early USA Asil Arabian breeding.

2 Responses to “Keene Richards’ Arabian horse importation to the USA”

  1. The story of the Richards importation is fascinating! There are several modern day Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses and Paints carrying the bloodlines he brought to the United States. I do not know for certain if any were carried on within Arab breeding…

    The story becomes even more interesting with the people involved… and the great anquish felt by all over the issue of slavery.

    Horses make the World go round!! 🙂

  2. Have been intrigued for many years with the Keene importation and glad to see it mentioned here. Another example of what might have been if circumstances of that period had allowed the development of an asil program.

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