Desert bred imports to Poland and Hungary: Kuhailan Afas O.A.

By Joe Achcar

Posted on November 21st, 2008 in General

Kuhailan Afas (by a Kuhaylan Wadnan x a Kuhaylat Aafess) came to Poland from the island of Bahrain in 1931. This stallion, along with Kuhailan Haifi, Kuhailan Kruszan, Kuhailan Zaid and a few mares, were bought by Bogdan Zietarski and Carl Raswan for the Gumniska stud. The Gumniska stud was owned by the Sanguszko princely family of Poland.



 Kuhailan Afas left three asil sons:

-Bad Afas 1940 x Bad by Diab db

-Drop 1939 x Donia by Koheilan Haifi db

-Don Afas 1940 x Donia  by Koheilan Haifi db

Donia is out of Donka (Schehan Shammar db x Koheilan II), she is Babolna bred; this is the same dam line of the asil mare 25 Amurath Sahib.

7 Responses to “Desert bred imports to Poland and Hungary: Kuhailan Afas O.A.”

  1. This mare Bad looks really … bad, I thought. Her dam is from a good Algerian origin though. Don’t know what to think.

  2. Check out this very interesting piece by Jenny Lees about Bahraini horses from the same family as Kuhailan Afas, including a picture of his dam, as well as picture of Kuhailan Afas as a colt.

  3. I find Bad’s topline disturbing, and her hindquarters look like those of a well-conditioned English Thoroughbred.

  4. Heartily agree. On the paper, the pedigree looks extremely clean, however, with classic looking arabians such as Cherine, Ghazi and Venture. Never see a picture of Diab. But then again, all this is on paper.

  5. A mare with a very sloping croup was Lady Anne Blunt’s Kasida, bred by Ali Pasha Sherif in Egypt(R.J. Cadranell).
    The important thing in my opinion is the production of an Asil horse:
    is she transmiting this bad croup?
    Is her grand sons have this bad croup?
    We saw that it is not the case.(on the contrary of some French horses)
    Not all the Asil horses are beautiful.
    I’m sure that Edouard,joe Feriss who saw a lot of Asil horses in the Badia agrees.
    the most important is that he is Asil .Bad dam line coming from Algeria’s “etablissements hippiques” has a lot of chances to be Asil.
    anyway in this “Asil” matters no one ,in my opinion,can be 100%sure.I found Anglo Arab horses labeled as “Asil” in the Stud Book of an Egyptian Pasha in the end of the 19th century (It is somewhere in this blog),this does not mean that were mixed with asil Egyptian horses we know,but this show how the meaning of Asil horse can change trough the ages.

  6. Again, it’s all about a breeders reputation and commitment to Asil breeding. The pedigree of Bad looks very good. One should inquire about the breeder, though.

  7. as to the croup that reminds TB it’s a bit of hen and egg… Whys should specimen of the ancestors NOT show distinctive traits that led to the TB? it is true that byerly most probably was an akal theke and goldophin a barb but darley was arabian and 98% of today sirelines are darley… I donot remember if there has been clarification of darleys strain.. maybe muniqui? not to forget the army of arbaian mares and derivates already present and joinend (not out of this 3 stallions)

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