Kuhailan Haifi I (a.k.a Tajar 1934)

By Joe Achcar

Posted on November 22nd, 2008 in General

Kuhailan Haifi I is the only son of the desert bred import Kuhailan Haifi out of the Babolna mare Mersuch 1-3-1 (Kohejlanka in Polish breeding). He was exported to Babolna in 1938, where he was renamed “Tajar”. He left two Asil mares: 21 kuhaylan Haifi I, which left no Asil progeny; and  250 kuhailan Haifi I the dam of the Stallion Siglavy Bagdady VI which Edouard recently wrote about.

This leads me to surmise that there may be Asil horses from Babolna lines left, trough the Babolna mares taken by the Germans during WWII, rescued by the Poles, who returned them in 1951 to Babolna. Maybe Tzviah can help ? 

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  1. “Tajar” was his name in Poland. He was renamed Kuhaylan Haifi I in Hungary. His asil broodmare daughters are:
    1 Kuhaylan Haifi I 1944
    2 Kuhaylan Haifi I 1945
    4 Kuhaylan Haifi I 1944
    5 Kuhaylan Haifi I 1939
    8 Kuhaylan Haifi I 1943
    20 Kuhaylan Haifi I 1939
    245 Kuhaylan Haifi I 1941
    250 Kuhaylan Haifi I 1941

    I do not include 21 Kuhaylan Haifi I because she is out of 21 Siglavy Bagdady III, whose sire was out of Kalga, out of the Branicki (Polish) mare Hadrja.

    Babolna breeding was rebuilt during the 1950s, just like Polish breeding was. However, just prior to the Americans taking interest in eastern European breeding, the Hungarian government dumped virtually the whole purebred program, retaining the Shagyas and only a few purebreds as tokens. The only post-WW II Babolna horses with asil descendants are Siglavy Bagdady VI and 25 Amurath Sahib.

  2. I forgot to mention he also had a son, Kuhaylan Haifi II 1941, out of 214 Kuhaylan Zaid.

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