Kuhaylah Nawwaqiyah from the Tahawis

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 17th, 2012 in General

I saw this pretty 16 year old desert-bred Kuhaylah Nawwaqiyah mare during my visit to the Tahawis last weekend. She belongs to Mrs Helga, the wife of Sh. Sulayman al-Tahawi. She is perfect. She is one of the tribal mares the Tahawis are trying to register with the EAO. I always forget if her name is Farida or Mayssa. One is the daughter of the other.

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  1. Right you are! Like the way the light in the photo highlights the correct angle on her hip for a doing horse rather than an artificial anthropamorphised halter toys’ flat table top croup! Also the angle of her eyes appears to be a bit more toward the front than those of the pop eyed halter horses. Suspect that would lead to better forward vision with a smaller blind spot in front. Such a horse would be less likely to shy violently sideways if a leaf blows across the trail. The frontal vision business would make her a better more accurate jumper as would her hip angle. These Tahawi horses have got it going on!
    It would be great if the Tahawi guys could get some colts from her whose semen could be frozen and used to rebuild correct structure in our sometimes pathetically ill-conformed weedy halter horses here in the west.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  2. This would be Farida who is the 16 year old daughter of Mayssa. Of interest here is that Farida has two crosses to Folla, one of the 3 founding Tahawi mares of the Hamdan Stud in Egypt.

  3. Just a lovely, lovely mare.

  4. Just love this information !! Really nice to see the structure on these Arabians !! Im a struture hound and I agree with the halter horses being a mess !!! Love the croup on her !!!

  5. I sure hope they (the Tahawis ) are able to get these horses registered, ESPECIALLY if they are all this good.

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