Kuhaylah Tamriyah mare from the Tahawi

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 16th, 2012 in Egypt

This is Bint Delingat (Delingat x Bint Ammoura), one of the non-registered Tahawi mares that are currently being considered for registration by the EAO in a registry separate from the “Straight Egyptians”. She belongs to Yahia Abd al-Sattar al-Tahawi, who otherwise owns and breeds a lot of registered Arabian mares of Tahawi backgrounds, tracing in tail female to the three mares of Hamdan Stables. I took this photo in Geziret Saoud in Egypt last month.

Bint Delingat is a Kuhaylah Tamriyah, and the very last of her strain. Oh, what an mazbut and precious strain Kuhaylan Tamri is! I especially like her long ears, and her overall type, which is reminiscent of some horses from Syria.


6 Responses to “Kuhaylah Tamriyah mare from the Tahawi”

  1. She’s lovely! Her eye cages and the muscles of her forehead remind me of some of the Kuhaylan Haifi Davenports.

  2. both the davenports and these horses come from the same original stock namely the horses of anazah (fadaan and sbaa mostly) bedouins in the zone between the syrian desert and the settled zones, where homs, hama and aleppo lie today.

  3. She is a mare with a blazing inner fire as you saw. Yes, the very last in the world of the K. Tamri strain same as our K. Al-Kharss mare. Both are unique pieces that deserve real international attention. Thanks to Al-Khamsa for their effort to preserve these horses.

  4. Thanks Edouard for posting the image of this rare and distinguished mare. Kuhaylan Tamri is also the strain of the Davenport imported stallion Houran. His contribution to Arabian breeding in our country is largely through the excellent producing mare Imagida, a foundation mare of the Skowronek breeding program of Gina Manion of Manion Canyon Arabians. In Al Khamsa, the stallion Houran is preserved via the mare Drissula, whose dam Ydrissa is a Houran granddaughter. The Drissula line had a good following of admirers in the past but like so many combined source lines, it is becoming increasingly rare now. Drissula is the dam line of renowned German stallion El Beshir (Faaris x Sirrulla) and also the female line of the handsome stallion Dakhala Sabiq who was I believe discussed on this site before.

  5. Yes, indeed, and I currently own a 27 year old *Houran descendant in the mare Dakhala Sahra (Plantagenet x Soiree by Sir x Sirrulya by Julyan x Sirrulla by Sirecho x Drissula by Sultan x Ydrissa by Antez x Bint Nimnaarah by *Houran.

  6. We don’t know. Maybe one day, inshallah..

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