List of Families and

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 11th, 2013 in General

Few passages from Lady Anne Blunt’s (LAB) Journal and Correspondence have left me thinking more than this one, from May 14, 1906:  

“Saw Mutlak for some time going through old list I had of families in various tribes, owners of special strains of blood. Found most of them correct.”

How I wish I had access to LAB’s list.  Over the past twenty years I have been compiling from various sources and updating a list of Bedouin sheykhs, notables and rank-and-file warriors and trying to match these to strains of blood (marabet) associated with them. The list is pretty extensive for the Shammar and ‘Anazah (in all its branches) tribes of Northern Arabia, but thinner for the other tribes.

I will be publishing this list progressively here.

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  1. How I wish you had access to LAB’s list. And the rest of the book of fragments! We would be so much farther on our journey to understanding!

  2. Hi Edouard,I am assuming that you have also combed over Lady Wentworth’s books which also include some of those fragments. Is that a part of your list compilation? And if so does it cross check well from other of LAB’s writing published elsewhere? Just curious because this is something I have not looked into.

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