List of Potentially Surviving Tiaret Lines

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 8th, 2013 in Algeria

Perhaps I should not be doing that, but I am posting a list of potentially surviving Tiaret lines in a Word document. There are less than a handful potentially left, as John was writing earlier. If someone finds a way to get hold of one, let me know. I will jump on the next flight to Algiers. Let me know if you can open it.

Legend: in bold: stallions, underlined: potentially alive.



2 Responses to “List of Potentially Surviving Tiaret Lines”

  1. Opens fine. Thank you!

  2. Edourard

    i am as well interested to find any ” living” rarity from Tiaret.
    I will be there in coming 3 weeks and will ask local “professionals” about your list of ” wanted” , may be someone will direct me to the right source.

    However i am not sure to understand your list as names are listed in an unusual matter to me . Can you specify the lines meainings ?

    PS: will be easier to fly to Oran instead of Algiers to go to Tiaret…

    Kind regards

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