Long live the King

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 18th, 2014 in General

Triermain CF (Javera Thadrian x Demetria by Lysander), born in 1988 is arguably the premier Davenport stallion alive today. He is the regal son of his regal sire, the unforgetable Javera Thadrian. Photo by Anita Westfall (who else?). Another in a long line of Kuhaylan Hayfi horses right out of the stud of the “Queen of Elfland”..

Triermain 261 (1)


4 Responses to “Long live the King”

  1. Goodbye to Triermain CF.

  2. Certainly one of his most charming and impressive sons is Jackson Hensley’s Pulcher Ibn Reshan, the fleabitten grey with the black speckles, and unforgettable eyes. And of course Triermain CF is also sire of Edouard’s Wadd Al Arab, and Bassam’s Bint Wadduda CF.

  3. … and En Pointe CF, and Wisteria CF, and Aurene CF, and other greats. Bassam he is still alive.

  4. Stunning Stallion

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