Looking for Cealie (mare, b. 1987)

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 11th, 2010 in Lebanon, USA

The 1987 black mare Cealie (Haziz Halim x Bint Alliette, by *Adhem out of Alliette, by Hallanny Mistanny out of *Lebnaniah) is the last asil descendent of the mare *Lebnaniah, a grey Ma’naghiyah imported from Lebanon by W.R. Hearst to the USA in 1947.

The Arab Horse Association Datasource shows Cealie as being last owned by John and Sharon Campbell Bower of 8042 Rivergreen Dr. Everta, California 95626, who have since moved elsewhere. Cealie produced  gelding with a Polish “Arabian” in 1998, and might still be alive. If so, she would be 23.

She was bred by Dr. Richard J. or Arlene Kuhn 26969 Ladera St. Redlands, CA 92373, who also bred and owned the 1987 stallion Aliziz (by Haziz Halim out a full sister of Bint Alliette). Below is a photo of Haziz Halim (*Ansata Ibn Halima x Serenity Shahrabi, by Serenity Osiris), the sire of both Cealie and Aliziz. Haziz Halim was bred by Dr. Gradin, or Corvallis, Oregon.

If anyone knows how to locate these two couples of breeders as well as Cealie and Aliziz, please get in touch with me: ealdahdah@hotmail.com.  There is an ongoing effort to submit *Lebnaniah for inclusion in the Al Khamsa Roster, but there needs to be descendants known to be living.  So far only the Hearst import *Layya, a Ubayyah, has been added to the Al Khamsa Roster. There are possibly living descendants of a third Hearst import, *Bint Rajwa, but I need to confirm this.

3 Responses to “Looking for Cealie (mare, b. 1987)

  1. *Lebnaniah passed both her board and advisory council votes – IIRC, either unanimously or darn close to it, so she’s half way through the Al Khamsa roster proposal approval process…

  2. No we need to find these two last horses tracing to her.. not an easy task

  3. Joe Ferriss had some ideas – I will follow up with him on this.

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