Lustre CF?

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 7th, 2012 in General

9 Responses to “Lustre CF?”

  1. Yes indeed, Lustre CF. Either I took that one, or Anita Enander did. Have a whole batch from that visit.

  2. who owns her now?

  3. She is also with Diane Lyons, where that picture was taken. However, Lustre needs to be bred AI, and Diane isn’t in a position to do so. Lustre’s daughters Luminescence and ADA Skylarking were so beautiful, I would love to see Lustre bred for another core Haifi foal or two.

  4. were… so both dead? sad.

  5. No, they are both living! You saw Skylarking at Pamela’s, and Luminescence was exported to Europe, wasn’t she?

  6. Yes, Luminescence is doing well in Germany. “Was” only because I haven’t seen either of them in the flesh recently!

  7. If anyone needs to be reminded of this mare’s quality, watch her move at the Lyons 2009 open barn:

    I have the CD of the 2002 (I think) presentation at the same place. Lustre in motion will melt your heart. Looks like no one has uploaded it yet —

  8. Lustre is a jewel!
    Ambar, do you happen to have any photos of her niece Dulcet CF?

  9. Sadly, no, Jenny — only the one in my head of Carol Lyons presenting her at one of the Oregon AK/CMK symposia, Dulcet flying without wings in the dim arena.

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