Mahboob Halab, 2007 Shuwayman Sabbah stallion from Syria, in France

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on November 6th, 2013 in General

He is turning every bit like his dam, a fortress of a mare, which died this summer after inhaling a suspicious chemical gas near Aleppo, but he is more refined than her. I love his high withers. Click on the photo (by Fabienne and Severine Vesco) to enlarge it.




3 Responses to “Mahboob Halab, 2007 Shuwayman Sabbah stallion from Syria, in France”

  1. Very dry horse, nice withers, and I like see the bones in the eyes.

  2. Picture is not ideal but looks like very correct stallion in general, very good neck (mitbah?) & back and looks really typey – as far one can judge on this picture of course. Shoulder looks a bit steep but could be because of the way he’s posing. I don’t like however his croup, which seems short and with high sacral bone. At least on this picture – on his earlier ridden pictures the croup looked better (although I like him better on this picture). Contrary to Nimr Shabareq one can estimate stallion quality.

  3. Mr. Edouard Aldahdah
    I have a moth old SE filly “Shawayman Sabbah” her dam is Thee Jewel by Thee Desperado and Neefa. I would like to post a photo for her as we know the strain is very rare.

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