Laura’s Major WA

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 25th, 2017 in General

This is a photo of the 2004 Hamdani stallion Laura’s Major WA, a horse of Davenport bloodlines. A closely bred stallion by Sergeant Major CF out of Miss Laura SHF by Mimic out of Kestrel by Saluation out of Trill by Tripoli.

I saw this stallion last summer at the farm of Dawn Woods in Parker, CO. He was  bred by Mary Gills from horses tracing to the program of Fred Mimmack. Fred was asking me about this horse, and at the time I did not appreciate enough the combination of power and refinement he exudes. The muzzle is small, the eye placement low, and the eye big and expressive.

6 Responses to “Laura’s Major WA”

  1. I really liked him, and hope that he gets used.

  2. I like his big and expressive eyes. But, is He really a Hamdani Simri? His pedigree on the Damside goes back to Urfah, isn’t it? Urfah was a Saklawi Al Abd/ Saklavi Jadran, states the web-site of the Al Khamsa.

  3. He traces to Galfia which is Hamdani Simri, not *Urfah as shown by mtDNA analysis and the Bowling’s research.

  4. This is not Major Benjamin WA (who is dead). This is Laura’s Major WA (Sergeant Major CF – Miss Laura SHF ) Miss Laura was Mimic – Kestrel CF.

    Thank you for your attention.


  5. I am sorry about this Fred. I parroted a post on Facebook without verifying.

  6. Blush that I did not catch that!

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