Ma’naqi Sbayli Preservation

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 16th, 2010 in General

Robin Weeks is spoiling me with photos of horses she owned, which happen to be horses I like a lot, and I am on a roll. Here’s a couple of pictures of the Ma’naqiyah Sbayliyah mare Soiree (Sir x Sirrulya by Julyan) in old age. She was bred by Jeanne Craver, and later owned by Robin Weeks. A favorite mare of mine, as you can tell from the several blog entries about this family.

By now I think it’s time I shared with you the news that I am working with Kathy Busch of Kansas City, MO, on leasing a 25 year old chestnut daughter of Soiree which she owns. Her name is Dakhala Sahra (Plantagenet x Soiree by Sir), she was also bred by Jeanne Craver, and she is all I am thinking about these days. She’s been treated at the vet clinic recently for a minor uterus infection, and she’ll be ready to be bred over the next couple weeks via artificial insemination. I am still looking for the right stallion for her, with ‘right’ in this case including ‘ready to collect from and ship’ in addition to the other meaning it has for me.

By the way, both the Ma’naqiyah Sbayliyah mare Soiree, and the Saqlawiyat al-‘Abd mare Dahriefa which was featured today, are both from Mrs. Ott’s Blue List program, which along with Charles Craver’s Davenport program, spearheaded the revival of asil Arabian horse breeding in the USA back in the 1950s and 1960s.

12 Responses to “Ma’naqi Sbayli Preservation”

  1. Actually there were a lot of other breeders back then. Most are gone, and perhaps forgotten at the moment. Not to sure of the life span of an average breeding farm or the number of foals?
    Am sure Carol would know if only……… Same as to Dianne.

    I know Charles feels that the Davenports have taken a look as to the breeder.

    I am sure it is true as to all the past breeding programs, like those found in your home land
    Edouard. or before boundaries, the desert itself.

    Jane and her mother did well! As has Charles and Jeanne. Someone’s prior gifted them with their start

  2. Edouard, best of luck with this mare and her reproductive health, fertility and mothering! This is wonderful news!

  3. Thanks Monica! Fingers crossed.

  4. I wish I had a *Haleb stallion for you, but frozen semen on a mare like this is not a good bet. Best of luck!

  5. Edouard, are you looking for a Davenport stallion? My Straight Egyptian Stallion is in Kansas City, Mo area and he is very similar in type.. he is Dahman strain..his great grandmother is Sabrah…the Babson mare… he is of great conformation and disposition..very deserty in his appearance and full bodies, short cannons. I know you probably have a very particular direction you want to go but thought I would mention it. His name is Ibn Shahlima. He is 15 hands and I would allow live cover for an older mare. I am the one that owns Nile Swan the Shaykah mare.

  6. Hi Michelle, thank for your generous offer! I have heard of your stallion and he sounds like a really nice horse!

    I am looking for Old American bloodlines: Davenport, Huntington, Hamidie, Harris, Brown, Kellogg, etc. The mare is Old American, tracing to horses registered in Vol 1-5 of the AHA studbook, and I would like to breed her within these bloodlines.

  7. Of course, Aida has two straight Davenport sons of Memoir UF that are, I think, four this year? Contact her for more information.

  8. I look forward to seeing who you pick for her. Wishing you the best.

  9. Edouard,
    Please be sure to keep us posted on any progress; this mare is precious beyond price!

  10. Hi, Terri!

    Edouard is in France visiting family, but I can tell you that Sahra was covered by TS from Triermain CF several weeks ago, so all digits are crossed!

  11. What was the outcome of the breeding?

  12. Nothing. The mare did not take, and then there were other failed breeding attempts to Triermain CF and Monologue CF, then the mare developed EPM and died.

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