Message from the owners of the Tahawi tribe website

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 26th, 2010 in Egypt

I received the following message yesterday, as a comment to one of the entries on the Tahawi tribe horses.

Dear Edouard,

I write to you on behalf of Al-Tahawia website managed by my cousin Mohammed ‘Etman (Othman) El-Tahawi. We are glad that the photos and documents we posted on the site were valued by you and your visitors. We are also very pleased with the recent acceptance of the three Tahawi mares to the notable Al Khamsa Roster. By this decision the Tahawi mares are now fully acknowledged by all the Arabian horse organizations.

In addition to the few documents from our website that you posted here, we still have a larger number of authentic documents that we will be glad to share with you. We are in contact with Mr. Bernd Radtke who visited us in the 80s and we are aware of his work about Arabian horses. We will be glad to communicate with you and see how we can help. I will be glad to receive from you on the e-mail registered here.

Best Regards

This message illustrates the generosity and authenticity (asalah) of the Bedouin in general and the Tahawia in particular. I feel humbled by it, and Bernd Radke, to whom the credit goes, along with Joe Ferriss, for the belated recognition of the Tahawi horses by Al Khamsa, is certainly a lucky man to have lived among the Tahawia and learned from them.

2 Responses to “Message from the owners of the Tahawi tribe website”

  1. Wonderful news from a gracious person. It sounds like we have more information to look forward to!

  2. Absolutely fantastic news. Thanks for sharing.

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