Missed connections: the Egyptian stallion Barakat and the horses of Ibn Maajil

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 16th, 2010 in General

The Dahman stallion Barakat is the paternal grandsire of three “Straight Egyptian” mares: Folla, Futna and Bint Barakat. The Tahawi family website, maintained by Mohammed son of Mohammed son of Othman son of Abdallah son of Seoud al-Tahawi, has these few lines on Barakat:

As to the dam of the stallion Barakat, she is the mare of Mnazi’  ‘Amer al-Tahawi, and she is Dahmat Shahwan“.

Somewhere else on this website, there is the mention that “the Dahman horses of Mnazi’ ‘Amer al-Tahawi are from the horses of Ibn Maajil of Syria.”

Now here’s what the Arabic edition of the Abbas Pasha Manuscript, edited by the late Saudi royal historian Hamad al-Jasir, has to say on these Dahman horses of Ibn Maajil, in the section about a specific descendent of the Hamdaniyah Simriyah mare known as Al-Khadeem:

“The mare, and she is a green [a shade of grey] daughter of the yellow [another shade of grey] Rabdan the horse of al-Dahham, had these foals while in a possession [a list of two foals follows, of which is the second is] a filly whose sire is Duhayman [‘little Dahman’], the stallion of Ibn Rashid, from the horses of Ibn Maajil.”

You can find this except on pages 408 and on in the English edition of the Abbas Pasha Manuscript edited by J. Forbis and G. Sherif.

What this means is that the marbat (Bedouin stud) of Duhayman of Ibn Maajil, to which the dam of the stallion Barakat belongs, was already known at the time of Abbas Pasha, and that it was known enough to provide the famous stud Ibn Rashid ruler of Hail with a stallion, which other Beoduins were using too. This piece of information furthers ties the Straight Egpytian descendants of the stallion Barakat, including some modern horses like Gelgelah Al Badeia, to one of the best horses lineages of desert Arabia, the Dahman Shahwan of Ibn Maajil of the Ashaj’iah tribe.

Below is a photo of Hamdan II (Hamdan x Folla by Ibn Barakat), in whose veins runs the precious blood of these Dahman horses of Ibn Maajil.



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  1. Pretty strong reasons for taking a close look at the Tahawi horses not yet recognized by Al Khamsa, and doing lots more research. Very interesting post. Thanks.

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