Mlolshaan Mutab, Bahraini stallion in South Africa

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 27th, 2017 in Bahrain

Pauline Du Plessis’s Saruk Arabians is standing the bay 1999 Bahraini stallion Mlolshaan Mutab (Mlolshaan Hilal x Mlolesh Durra by Jellaby Adari) at stud in South Africa.

He was bred by the stud of Sh. Mohammed Bin Salman Aal Khalifah, and is heavily linebred with Mlolesh (Mulawlishan) blood.  He is a sire of endurance winners. Photo from Saruk’s stud Facebook page.

7 Responses to “Mlolshaan Mutab, Bahraini stallion in South Africa”

  1. Eat your hearts out spendy warmbloods! A true extended trot with out the spine stiffness of the toe flicking goosesteppers. The above photo shows why cradle country asils were in such demand by european cavalry remount officers.
    Bruce Peek

  2. Bruce, they did not choose them for their extremely dished heads!

  3. Oh boy! I wish I could get some of that DNA for a few of my mares!

  4. Wonderful stallion! A great luck for South African breeders, I hope he gets to bred many mares and provide a new generation of Asil horses for them <3

  5. That is a typical Bahraini trot. Ground eating and comfortable even when ridden bareback as we did most of the time in the 1960’s when I lived in Bahrain.

  6. Carrie Slayton if you can’t get semen from Pauline’s stallion I have some frozen here in UK from my pure Bahrain stallion Shuwaiman al Rais. He is pure Sheikh Mohammed bin Salmans blood lines and the semen is cleared for export to Australia, USA, Canda and South Africa.


  7. That is a great thing, Jenny Lees!

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