Mohamed Sherif Pasha

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 3rd, 2015 in General

The other day I was on the 16th floor of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance (the one where they have this impressive portrait gallery of all former ministers of finance), and I saw a painting of Muhammad Sherif Pasha (with a tenure date around 1840, don’t remember exactly), with the mention “father of Ali Sherif Pasha”).

I was reminded of this upon reading the December 8th, 1910 entry of Lady Anne Blunt’s Journals, where she mentions that “on the conquest of Syria the plan was — Mohd. Ali’s plan — to have Egypt for himself and his heirs, Syria for M. Sherif (his Minister and Govr. of Syria) and Yemen for Kurshid.

3 Responses to “Mohamed Sherif Pasha”

  1. Interesting! Do you have a photo of the painting? He was indeed the father of Ali Pacha Cherif my third great grandfather.
    Hazem Hussein

  2. Hazem, unfortunately, I don’t. I could have snapped a quick one, but these are corridors you are quickly ushered through, all the way to the Minister’s meeting room. Next time I am there, I promise to get one.

  3. Thanks I managed to locate it.. Actually it was a photograph shot by Ali Pach himself without his father’s knowledge as he became blind, and died two years thereafter in 1865..

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