Goodbye Monologue

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 25th, 2015 in General


Note the huge eye. He is leaving tonight to go to Kathryn Toth in Ohio, where he will be used on her two rare Arabian mares, a Hadbah and a Hamdaniyah.

I want to thank Pamela Klein for her gift of him, and Darlene Summers for the chance to co-own him with her.



6 Responses to “Goodbye Monologue”

  1. Glorious! He trots on air. The earth sings when he touches it. Shakespeare must have been a fan!

  2. Monologue goes to Kathryn Toth to perform an important task. The preservation future is looking brighter!

  3. May God wish him well!

  4. I heard from Kathryn and Monologue arrived safely at her place. Her words “He is more beautiful than I remembered!”

  5. Wishing this handsome and sweet guy a great future! He certainly deserves it.

  6. Could be the picture but there seems to be something wrong with his conformation. Either very big head compared with his body, either very week/small croup?!

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