Monologue is back

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 18th, 2012 in General

Monologue CF (Riposte CF x Soliloquy CF by Regency CF) is coming along, and is closer to what he used to look like some years ago. I hope he will breed a couple mares this year.

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  1. Edouard,

    The foals I have seen have been outstanding. I do own a son of his. I did not realize Monologue was in poor health, I had heard he needed to be trimmed. Charles and I were talking about that yesterday. He usually requires trimming every four weeks. He can be seen on my web with Morika, my youngest daughter.

    In my opinion he could be capable of starting a whole different look in the Davenports. Monologue and Morika, my youngest, were very close. Am sure the separation effected him in a difficult way.

    She would simply stand in the middle of his area, and he would come to her. They both trusting their feelings.
    He was worked some on a lunge line, very willing to accept what was asked.

    I always have missed his presence! But I did what I thought was necessary to continue my commitment to the Krush. Lucky us, we now have a Krush son! Hopefully he will fill my hopes as once his dad did.

    Life has many turns, some turns takes another back to what was hoped for. My hopes for Monologue as a friend
    are far reaching. Who ever breeds a mare to him is lucky,
    very lucky. I hope you as others use him! He is a very special stallion, with looks unusual!

    May his life be filled with someone who he can trust as he once did with Morika.

    Jackson / Bedouin Arabians

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