More Arabian type horses from Assyrian wall panels

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 23rd, 2010 in General

The photo in the entry below got me looking for more Assyrian wall panels representing horses of distinctly Arabian type, like the one below. Compare with this shot of the Crabbet stallion Abu Zeyd (Mesaoud x Rose Diamond).

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  1. We love to see art from thousands of years ago showing characteristics that we associate with Arabian type. Hope to have more on the topic of equine domestication and how it relates to the Arabian horse in future issues of the Khamsat. Context is a wonderful thing!

  2. Doesn’t Juris Zarins have a lot to say about this?

  3. I think so, but I haven’t followed up on it. Better hit Google!

  4. Fascinating resemblance.

  5. Hi. I am fascinated by the fantastic amount of work and research on this blog! Great work!
    I was actually researching an oddity I found. My Morafic bred mare, Ms.D.-was the total image of a mare named Zaarafana- old Egyptian racing stock. Any pictue of Zaarafana I can find, could have been of my mare. They do not appear to be related– but I noticed as I dug about the net that there are repeating phenotypes in Arabian horses. I just saw a picture of one on here who looked like Khemosabi’s twin! Anyway, what I was trying to figure out the genetics of how to get another one to look like Morafic/my mare. Regarding this saving of old lines- does the concept of Asil let one freeze sperm and ova for preservation? Seems the most practical thing to do, rather than lose the genetics. Again, thanks for the great work, and loved the pictures!

  6. re: the concept of asil let one freeze sperm and ova for preservation. I think it could! it is is a cultural concept, and hence malleable.

  7. At our stud farm we have a stallion that looks much like Morafic He has a lot of Morafic blood. His dam was a full sister to Ansata Shah Zam who’s sire was Ansata Shah Zaman who was by Morafic and out of Morafics full sister. It is a look that I like very much and I am hopeing that we do not loose in our Straight Egyptians.

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