More offspring of the Syrian stallions in France

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 9th, 2011 in France

Mourad Oufah Habib (Jahir x Murad Had’ra by Medicq Allah), a Shuwaymat Sabbah, and one of Louis Bauduin’s mares in France foaled a colt last year, by the asil Syrian stallion Mahboub Halab, who also happens to be a Shuwayman Sabbah from the Shammar Bedouins.

Louis sent me these two pictures of the mare; the first one shows the mare heavily in foal on April 30th, and the second, followed by her baby on May 1st.

2 Responses to “More offspring of the Syrian stallions in France”

  1. A pleasure to see a wonderful colt, like this. Congratulation,Louis.

  2. Mahboub Halab and Hussam al-Shimal are proving them self as good sires.


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