More on Davenport Hadba female line and racing

By Joe Ferriss

Posted on January 20th, 2013 in General

I enjoyed the story that Edouard related about the Shammar Hadba female line and indeed it has fame in American racing bloodlines through Kontiki. It also interesting to note that in the Al Khamsa bloodlines one branch of the Hadba Davenport dam line has distinguished itself in racing according to AJC and DataSource. First of all, posted above are two chestnut mares and a yearling colt. The first mare is the Davenport mare Waddarlah (El Alamein x Trisarlah) and the second mare is her full sister Letarlah. Both of these mares were bred by Carolyn (Kiki) Case of the famed Glorieta Ranch. Glorieta is mainly renowned for the straight Egyptians it bred which have a big international following particularly in the Gulf and Egypt. However Kiki also had these two Davenport mares, one of which was at Glorieta when I visited in the mid 1970s, that was Letarlah. Waddarlah had just gone to Illinois before I arrived and became well known in Davenport breeding, particularly for her daughters Bint Oberon and full sister Aischia. Letarlah remained at Glorieta until the early 1980s when she then produced for Davenport lines. Prior to their Davenport breeding careers these two sisters at Glorieta were regularly bred to Egyptian stallions including the renowned stallion Char Echo who was the sire national winners in performance in the US and in South Africa. Char Echo was on lease to Glorieta for a number of years. The third photo above is a yearling colt Glorieta Charro (Char Echo x Letarlah) who did well as a young show horse though has no descent today. Charro’s full sister Glorieta Charrlah was exported to Canada and eventually became a brood mare for Red Cloud Arabians who competed in racing. Glorieta Charrlah was bred to the Egyptian stallion Abenhetep (Ibn Hafiza x Omnia), he famed for being the sire of Patrick Swayze’s great broodmare sire Tammen. Charrlah’s Abenhetep daughter Theba produced the mare RCF Maid MyDay who had quite a racing career earning over $43,000 in 54 starts including stakes races. Charrlah’s other Abenhetep daughter, RC Top Secret produced the mare RC Arbela (by the EAO stallion Waheeb). RC Arbela also raced successfully with 24 starts including some stakes wins and then she produced the Al Khamsa gelding RCF Centurion (by Khe Adh Amir) who with 13 starts had several firsts as well as in the money a number of times. All of these mentioned are Al Khamsa and tail female to the Davenport imported mare Hadba, coming down via Letarlah. The Char Echo x Waddarlah colts also went on to show successfully regionally and all were used for breeding but not found in Al Khamsa today. Just some interesting points to share about this dam line in connection with racing.
The chestnut Davenport mare RL Boomerette which Edouard posted traces multiple times to these two great mares of Glorieta, Waddarlah and Letarlah. In closing I would just like to add that Kiki Case of Glorieta also mentioned to me that she loved the intelligence and temperament of these two mares as well as their consistency as good producers. Both had many foals. She also said that Letarlah could be counted on to take on any other mare’s orphaned foal and raise it as her own. This sounds very Bedouin indeed.

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  1. Hi Joe: thanks for this nice thread! indeed there seems to be a real racing legacy going on there.

    everyone: click on the images to enlarge them.

  2. What I find interesting is that Westerners did not know the racing potential of the *Hadba line beforehand, yet because they tested so many different lines in the racing area, horses from this line managed to stand out. Had they known the racing potential of the line in advance, the line would have no doubt produced many more winners. I am certain a lot of untapped racing potential lies in these Waddarlah Letarlah Davenport Hadban lines.

  3. Joe that Glorietta charro colt looks very nice indeed. Very substantial for a young horse..
    So is there a body of knowledge about what davenport crosses with New Eygyptians give? I would suspect a nice blending of Davenport substance with Eygyptian style, and probably more bone and possibly more height due to the hybrid effect of the outcross.
    bedst wishes
    Bruce Peek

  4. Off hand I can think of a few excellent examples. One is the magnificent staallion Faar Al Saklawi bred by Jackson Hensley. I had posted his pic elsewhere before but I am now on a mobile so dont have it handy. His sire was Pritzlaff Egyptian and his dam was Davenport-bred. Alice Martin also got excellent results breeding the Davenport stallion Sir (Tripoli xDharebah) to her mare Star Montesan who was new Egyptian plus Babson with a distant cross to the Saudi mare Turfa. Two of these siblings were very successful Dressage competitors, Star Lady Love and Star Sir Truth who was a regional and US Top Ten Dressage winner. I am sure there are others. Most of the Char Echo x Davenport horses were accomplished performers.

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