More on special mares with long eyelashes: Bint Mawj al-Athir

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 23rd, 2009 in Lebanon, Syria

In the entry below, I wrote about how I liked arabian mares that have long eyelashes, which magnifies the human-like expression many of these mares have anyway. Below is a picture of of such mare.

Bint Mawj al-Athir was an asil (heck, she is the mother of all asil) Kuhaylat al-Nawwaq (that’s the right spelling, other spellings include Nowag, Nuwwag, Nawag, Nawaq, etc), or Kuhaylah Nawwaqiyah, from Lebanon. I never saw that mare in person, but my father, who took this picture of her in the 1970s when she was in her late twenties and in very poor condition, holds her and her particular lineage in the highest regard.

I will no doubt come back to Bint Mawj al-Athir to introduce you to her pedigree, which by the way contains the blood of many horses now represented in the USA. For now, I just wanted you to look at the expression in the eyes of this beautiful, classic, regal Arabian mare. If you have more pictures of arabian mares with long eyelashes and a “human eye”, feel free to send them to me.

Bint Mawj al-Athir, an asil Kuhaylat al-Nawwaq from Lebanon

2 Responses to “More on special mares with long eyelashes: Bint Mawj al-Athir”

  1. Now I know why this photo looks familiar. It reminds me of Adored CF as an older mare. There are some differences of course, but a quick impression is that of a ‘sister’ to Adored CF.

    Adored goes back tail-female (and tail-female of Adored’s sire as well) to (most probable re the Bowling’s mtDNA study)the Hamidie mare *Galfia 255, a Hamdaniyah-Simriyah.

  2. There is some resemblance indeed.

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