More on Thea Isis and Desert type

By Joe Ferriss

Posted on December 3rd, 2010 in General

I am pleased to see Thea Isis featured on Edouard’s site and I could not resist offering a few more images of her. The first is of her in a pasture, the second is of Thea Isis in 1983 at Carol Lyon’s farm in the spring with her filly LD Abba Isis sired by the Babson stallion Ibn Mahrouf (Mahrouf x Serr Abba), and the third is a close up of her head from the second photo. I used this close up of Thea Isis’s head in my presentation in Minnesota on desert Arabian type because I wanted newcomers to appreciate how beautiful an Arabian can be with very little hint of a dished face. Note not only the beautiful large dark eye but the harmonious placement of the eye in relation to the ears and the nostrils. These are the “Chorus Girl” eyes that Homer Davenport wrote about. Thea Isis was a timelessly magnificent mare in the same way as the stallion Javera Thadrian also was. I also used his image in my Minnesota presentation because when one sees these images they first see the original magnificence of the traditional Arabian, the timeless look, without my even identifying the bloodlines.

5 Responses to “More on Thea Isis and Desert type”

  1. Thank you, Joe. In my biased opinion, some things just don’t need “improvement.”

  2. Amen. They just need preservation. Thanks for sharing this story and these wonderful pictures, Joe.

  3. Absolutely Jeanne, lovely mare.

  4. Amen.

  5. Dear Edouard and Joe, thank you so much for posting the pix of Thea Isis and her filly, LD Abba Isis. I met LD Abba Isis, maybe back in 1989-1990. She was a beautiful grey mare then, very strongly influenced by the Babson phenotype. I find the shape of her dam’s eye incredibly interesting. I don’t remember LD Abba Isis having this kind of eye. The eye makes me think of the widely-accepted definition of “Kohl”. While Thea Isis is a strong-bodied mare, she is also very feminine in her refinement. I love the fine details in her face. Thanks for making my day.

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