More photos of the Bahraini Kuhaylan Aafess stallion that went to Poland

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 9th, 2014 in Bahrain

Kuheilaan Aafas Maidaan

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  1. The neck seems very short, ?

  2. that’s true in this photo, but look at the other photo in an earlier blogpost, the girth and the shoulder are so strong that they make it appear shorter that it is.

  3. Dear Mr Aldahdah,
    Thank you for this very interesting and informing blog, which connects people from all over the world for the love of the Arabian breed. I am originally from Iraq, but live in Australia. My family and I will hopefully visit Iraq in December, and i will try my hardest to make a report on the breeders of The Wadhnan strain and the Kuhaylan Rabdan strain in my village. What I really want to do aswell is to visit the breeders that you have written about on the blog, the ones from Iran, who own the Wadhnan stallions. Could you please give me their contact details, I believe they are is AHWAZ ?

    Thank you,

  4. Dear Mohammed. Welcome and good to hear from you. Where is your village, if I may ask, and what clan/tribe forms is majority population? Regarding the Iranian contributors, it’s mainly Amirhosein Ghasemi. I will find his contact details.

  5. Dear Mr Aldahdah,
    My Village is in the province of Kut, the town of Al Hayy.
    The tribes that form the majority of the population are the Rabe3a and Anazeh. The tribe that breeds Wadhnat Al Kharass are the Dre3, and those who breed Kuhaylt Al Rabda are the family of Shimal Bashagha, from the Shihmaan tribe, a branch of the Mayyah. (Mayyah are in turn part of the Rabe3a).
    Thank you for your time.

  6. If only it was easy to bring some of these beautiful horses home, and be sure that there line will survive. I have never heard of a Kuhaylan Rabdan going to a western country.

  7. Welcome I hope that everybody is fine since the duration of trying to check in the Code and aborted, although I am sure the information and knowledge altamimi stud .
    I imported months before solving of Bahrain from kuhilan aafs it is large in life -born 1994? – but I want to produce the smallest Clickers something beautiful

    kuhelaan aafs raheb
    sir mosnsn alra’ad
    mam kuhelat aafs khraeed

  8. Congratulations. Where is your old stallion Kuhaylan Aafas Raheb located now?

  9. There is one currently in the UK with Jenny Lees: named Radbaan Aseer and here is a link to his page:

    Unfortunately, not standing at public stud.

  10. He Hail in northern Saudi Arabia
    And I call on everyone who loves originality in the horse to take advantage of it for free
    He integrated Specifications

  11. He is absolutely magnificent. Ma Sha’ Allah. Subhan Allah.


  13. Thank you , Edward
    I am proud of your testimony

  14. What a wonderful three circle physique with wonderfully strong and long withers! You should be very proud of him. By the way have you ever frozen his semsn?
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  15. thank you bruce
    no frozen

  16. so we should send mares to Hail for breeding? do you have asil mares (from syria or saudi arabia) to breed to him?

  17. Yes
    I own three mares (Saudi Najdi )
    I bought it from the stall njd famous
    2 Obayat Summer
    1 Sameer Hamdani

    They are now on the vaccine stallion Saudi wait births in March and then call Kahilan Aavs

  18. The Google translation from the Arabic is very bad: what he means is that he owns three mares of Najd Saudi breeding: 2 Obayan al-Sayfi and 1 Hamdani Simri; and they are now bred to a Saudi stallion expected to foal in March and then they will be bred to his Kuhaylan Aafess stallion.

    I say: May God protect them, and bless you with fillies.

    Who is the Saudi stallion you bred them to?

  19. Unfortunately, the translation is not good , but I hope that the concept of meaning

  20. That is a beautiful Rabdan stallion, its great that not all of the eggs are in one basket, which is the reason why so many lines are ‘dieing out’. For example, the tail female decendants of Nuhra in Australia either were not bred, or produced all colts. The very few that remain are either reasonably old, or being kept as possible broodmares. Does Mr Amirhossein Ghasemi have any wadhnan mares ?
    Thank you

  21. Yes Iran still horses from the Wadhnan strain, I don’t know if he does in particular.

  22. Zain eldeen
    Obayan alsyfi
    The blood of a wonderful and beautiful production
    He now has 15 sons of Saudi genuine

  23. Thank you Mr Aldahdah for this great information.

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