More young asil Kuhaylan Krush mares and stallions

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 10th, 2012 in General

Also from Kim Davi’s Krush program comes the mare HH Karisma Krush (Othello LD x Kashmir Krush by Sportin Life), bred by Carol Lyons in 2005

… the 2001 mare HH Sonata Krush (Preseus KF x Sarra Al Krushah by Asar Al Krush)

… and the 2009 daughter HH Serafina Krush, by Quantum LD

as well as the 2009 stallion HH Tantalus Krush (Quantum LD x Kashmir Krush by Sportin Life) 

and finally, the new colt’s sister, the 2010 filly Sabella Al Krush (Pulcher Ibn Reshan x HH Nadira Krush), who is also very promising

Many of Kim’s horses also trace to Jackson Hensley’s old-established Kuhaylan Krush program.. and some of the exchanges between the two programs are pretty recent.

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