Mother and son

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 17th, 2012 in General

Monica Respet and Linda Uhrich — both great friends and amazing persons — took a day trip to see my Jadiba and her new colt Jamr, and they sent me this picture. Monica painstakingly uploaded and emailed me 36 pictures of mother and son.

9 Responses to “Mother and son”

  1. she really does not look 25 in this picture..

  2. She looks great, and the colt is very promising. Both Jadiba and Vice Regent should be proud of this boy!

  3. Nothing like a bouncing baby to make an old mare feel young again. Congrats!

  4. jadiba et jamr ont l’air en pleine forme et la mère est très bien conservée et ne fait pas du tout son âge

  5. Jadiba! There she is!

    And Jamr looks just wonderful. Fantastic!

  6. Nice to see Jadiba again!
    Is she still the pistol that she was as a baby?

  7. she’s not too far from you Charlotte, and you are welcome to go visit her.. She is a mellow 25 year old mare now. I trust you last saw her at Joyce Gregorian’s ?

  8. From what I have seen, she is a total pussycat, but her son is taking after her childhood style!

  9. She looks great for her age and the foal is a handsome little dude too. Congratulations ! It’s great that you were able to do this.

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