Conversation with Abdallah ibn Mit’ab al-Jlaidan, Shammar Bedouin breeder (2006)

  • They live in Buthat al-Taqch, neighbors and relatives of al-‘Ufaytan (another Shammar clan who breeds Ma’naghi Hudruji)
  • His fifth grandfather Muhammad al-Jlaidan visited the Sharif who gifted him a Kuhayla al-Ajuz mare, her descendents became known as Kuhaylat Ibn Jlaidan 
  • This was more than a 100 years ago
  • He is Abdallah ibn [Hammad] ibn Mitab ibn Udayb ibn Muhammad al-Jlaidan
  • The Ufaytan and the Jlaidan are both from the Hdibah clan of the Shammar
  • They have 6 to 7 horses with his cousin all of which are regsitered

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