Conversation with Faysal ibn Sattam ibn Mayzar al-Abd al-Muhsin al-Jarba, a Shammar Shaykh (2006)

• They have/had two lines of Kuhaylan Krush, one from the horses of al-Sharif Barakat and the other from the al-Dawish of Mutayr.

• When the Shaykhs of his family died, Iyadah al-Taleb al-Khalaf al-Qartah took the horses by force from the young children of the Shaykhs, and these don’t have horses anymore.

• The Nowakiat of Sattam al-Abd al-Muhsin are from the horses of Alaa al-Din al-Jabri who in turn got them from al-Dawish. The Nowakia mare was a gift from Alaa al-Din al-Jabri to Sattam (when he was young) in exchange for a Kuhaylan Krush stallion called “Ubayyan” which Sattam’s father had given to Alaa, and which Alaa al-Din used as a stallion.

• The horses of Atallah al-Nassar are from their horses. Mayzar his grandfather gave them a mare.

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