Hujjah of desert-bred Jilfah Stam al-Bulad

“In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate, I, the undersigned, ‘Ali al-Blaybil son of Husayn, from the village of Qartaba born in 1915, from the tribal section of al-Yassar, from the the tribe of Tay, testify by God Most High, that the grey mare which I sold to Mr. Nawaf al-Sulayman al-’Abd al-Rahman in 1950, is from my horses, called Jilfat Stam al-Bulad; the sire of her dam is the horse of Sa’ud al-’Ajarrash, a chestnut Dahman ’Amer, and I did that breeding myself. And Gost is bears witness to what I say.

Testifier: Ali Husayn al-Balybil, ID #: […], owner of the marbat of Jilfan Sattam al-Bulad, born in Qartaba in 1915 [signature].” [End of translation]

7 Responses to “Hujjah of desert-bred Jilfah Stam al-Bulad”

  1. sattam al bulad: qui rompt ses entraves

  2. a votre avis, ce n’est donc pas “tendons d’acier” (sinews of steel) comme je l’ai longtemp cru?

  3. i do have in my stables a 3 years jilfan sattam el bulad horse he has des ”tendons d’acier” and capable to run kms without any problem he is 1.54 et gris acier

  4. This Hajjéh Is not true
    This Hajjéh Did not say or written This Djelfa is pure Arab horse .Djelfa horses of north is not Arab horse .

    al Yasiri tribe is not Bedouin and not Arab and they Shiite and Farsi .The Shiites they were not have horses

  5. This is al-Yassaar, not Yasiri. al-Yassaar is an old clan from Tayy.

  6. I’m sorry

  7. This Is Hajjeh of Kahilan Aharqa

    Sheikh Mohammed bin Qurmlh. Sheikh of Qahtan

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