Hujjah of desert-bred Kuhaylah ibn Jlaidan from Shammar

[translation begins]

“I, the undersigned, ‘Ubayd (son of) Hammad al-Jlaidan from the tribe of Shammar, testify by God Most High, a testimony free of any self-interest, that the chestnut mare with a star on her forehead, and two stockings on her hind legs, twelve years old on this date, is a Kuhaylat al-’Ajuz from our horses.

Her sire is a Ma’naghi Hadraji, the black horse of Dahir al-’Ufaytan. The sire of her sire is a Hamdani Ibn Ghurab. The sire of her dam is a Kuhaylan al-’Ajuz from the same marbat (as the mare): Ibn Jlaidan. And God bears witness to what we say.

Witness: ‘Ubayd (son of) Hammad al-Jlaidan [signature]

Witness: ‘Abdallah (son of) Hammad al-Jlaidan [signature]

Witness: Adham Khalifah al-Bahr [fingerprint]”

[End of Translation]

Edouard’s Comment: What is special about this hujjah is that its author (and hence the owner of the mare) is also the owner of the marbat: you can’t beat that. Just imagine, in this day and age, Ibn Rodan signing the certificate of a Kuhaylah Rodaniyah…

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