My favorite colt of the year is a Krush

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 6th, 2014 in General

The Kuhaylat al-Krush Nuri Al Krush (Janub Al Krush x Mystalla by SL Jacob) has just foaled a most wonderful colt by Quantum LD (Mandarin x Leafs Ivey by Wotan) for Kim Davis. The dam is a concentrate of rare lines from old American breeding with lines to Mainad (Hanad x Charmain by Abu-Selim), Royal Amber (Ribal x Babe Azab), Oriental (Letan x Adouba) and Kapiti in the tail female (Harara x Tamarinsk). I can’t get enough of looking at the pictures of this colt Kim sent to a few of us, and I think he is the strongest, most handsome, best built and most promising young fellow I have seen this year. He is certainly stallion material for any CMK or any old American breeding program, and even think he can improve the breed overall. In any case, he is testimony to what you can get by preserving some of these really old and rare lines. Click on the photos to enlarge them. Congratulations Kim! By the way, his dam Nuri had foaled another most special horse at Trish Stockhecke in Canada some years ago. His sire was a quasi Al Khamsa stallion with lots of lines to Hallany Mistanny. This colt was a flying Arab like his young brother! Nuricolt4

Nuricolt3 Nuricolt2

Nuricolt9 Nuricolt12

Nuricolt5 Nuricolt6

Nuricolt8 Nuricolt1

2 Responses to “My favorite colt of the year is a Krush”

  1. He died in a freak accident this week. In my opinion, he was the colt of a lifetime, the colt of the century.

  2. Kim is devastated, and rightly so. I gather he was a personality boy, as well.

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