Mysterious Dahma Shahwan mares in Lady Anne’s Journals

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 26th, 2015 in General

February 8, 1882:

“I had a visit from Zeyd of Kasim. He was riding a fleabitten Dahmeh Shahwan, a fine mare with good hocks. He said she belonged to a certain Aga, she came from Ali Pasha Sherif from Abbas Pasha’s horses, is six years old. The Aga is afraid to ride her, she jumps and shies and he asked Zeyd to ride and teach her — break her in, in fact. Her head is remarkably good and she seems good tempered. I like her looks.”

Who could that 1876 mare be? Certainly not the dam of *Shahwan, who was apparently still with Ali Pasha Sherif when Shahwan was bred (so in 1886).

What about this other one, born in 1881? March 14, 1892, at Ahmed Pasha’s:

“There is a little white Dahmeh Shahwanieh, 11 years old which they say has never had a foal and I should like to try getting her… Yanko said there had been no luck with the Pasha with that strain”.


2 Responses to “Mysterious Dahma Shahwan mares in Lady Anne’s Journals”

  1. Hi Edouard. Love the list. Because she mentions the shades of Greg for each made, flea-bitten vs. White, I don’t believe it is the same made. Also, in the second description, she uses the word, “little”, to describe the mare. Lady Ann Blunt appreciated a larger sized horse and the fact that she mentions ” fine made with good hocks” leads me to believe that the mare was of a size that the Lady appreciated. Like you, I am stumped, as the date places the mystery made so close to the root DS made. Really interesting and thanks for initiating some provacative thought. I will be thinking about this for a long time now.

  2. Sorry for the double post but fat fingers on a tablet and autocorrect make embarrassing spelling mistakes. Oh my!
    Love your POST not List.
    MARE not MADE.
    Please forgive me.

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