Mystery mare

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 14th, 2009 in General

I personally believe that the strains of Arabian horses are mere family names, created to identify lineages of asil horses in an oral society. I have had the occasion to make my case in other venues.

I also believe that strains and types are to be dissociated, and cannot be related to each other in general.

Finally, I don’t believe that anyone, however expert they are, can guess the strain of a horse simply by looking at him.

So lets play a little game: the first reader to guess the strain of the mare in the photo below gets to write post (or an article) on Daughter of the Wind on the topic of his/her choice (related to Arabian horses of course). The possible answers are in a poll which you can find by scrolling down, on the bottom right of the website.

Good luck (since it’s a matter of luck and not more)!

Note: the sire, the dam and the maternal grandsire of the mare are from the same strain and marbat. In case some of you are tempted to say that a horse is only representative of the type of the strain which is most represented in its pedigree, and that this strain may not be that of the tail female..


8 Responses to “Mystery mare”

  1. I think is Hamedani

  2. No she is a Ubayyah. Someone guessed it.. Who was that?

  3. She is not a Ubayyah .

    What is Ubayyah

    her sire is not Ubayyah

  4. this is Al ubayyan

  5. Who is this horse? Nice horse. Looks asil..

    this asil

  7. What Ubayyan is that? Ubayyan al-Saiifi? or Ubayyan al-Khudr? or Ubayyan Labdah?

  8. Ubayyan al-Saiifi

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